Lost - Kate and Juliet

Fic: One flew east, one flew west

Okay, so I realise it's been kind of a while since Lost was a fandom focal point for people. But, really, is there ever going to be such a thing as "too late for James/Juliet fic"? (Hint: the answer is LOL NO)

Title: One flew east, one flew west
Summary: A close encounter at a highway rest stop in 1987. They’re 16 and 19, they’re both unhappy, and they’re not at all ready to meet each other.
Words: 1700
Rating: PG-13, for language

[Link to AO3]
modern times.

fic: follow the lights that line the streets | sawyer/juliet | 1/1

title: follow the lights that line the streets
characters/pairings: sawyer/juliet; implied sawyer/kate, implied jack/juliet
rating: pg-13
summary: “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate” Jack would tell her, but these days Jack spends his time trying not to be a hero, so maybe he doesn't say things like that anymore.
notes: Written for the 'song lyrics' comment ficathon for the prompt: Our memories are attics in those houses on the hill.
Lost - Kate and Juliet

Two fics

Title: The story will tell
Author: isabelquinn
Rating: PG
Word count: 759
Summary: Even after everything that's happened, she isn't sure how much she trusts him.
Notes: Written for fandom_stocking, for nelliewu. Title from The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Epic thanks to ozqueen for beta-ing.

The story will tell

Title: Still Here
Author: isabelquinn
Rating: PG
Word count: 500
Summary: A Dharmaville drabble set.
Notes: Set of five drabbles, spanning the first year in Dharmaville. Written for flipflop_diva as part of fandom_stocking.

Still Here